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Why Softrate?

Why softrate is best?


e as an emerging company can quickly manifest and deploy your ideas into reality with our greater skillsets. We render standardized web and mobile application design & development with affordable cost and economy. More than all, our team of young professionals are well versed in latest technologies like Automation, AI, ML, Data science, RPA, IoT, etc. We are always known for setting our own trends when it comes to quality service. We inspire in the ideal world of technology through our unique workforces and outcomes. We almost serve in many domain of technology, with the moto of unified employee excellence, we ultimately aim to lead the industry with bigger business plans and technical strategies.

Life in Softrate


oftratians acquire a lot more experience beyond expectations. The company focuses on establishing a unified working environment for employees which makes every individual, a perfect team player. Working at softrate, helps us find our own potential paving way to invent and innovate with no pressure and inhibitions. The Well being of employees are given at most importance. Quality facilities are provided with peaceful and professional workplace for the employees which in turn increases the productivity on the other side.
We ultimately focus to lead the corporative markets and set a perfect example for the future generation. The way our employees are treated defines our quality. With a pace of understanding co-workers, the employees feel much elated working here. Our freedom of invention, space of work and independence of thinking amongst employees has always been our strength of business

Inside Softrate Company

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-Balaji Rajendran