AR(Augmented Reality) is defined as a technology which overlays contents generated by computer to a user view of real world. It is a real time use of information in form of audio, text, graphics associated with real world objects. VR(Virtual Reality) is defined as a computer generated simulation where a person can interact within an artificial three-dimensional environment by using electronic devices.


1.Games :

games that combine real world with the characters in the game make good use of AR which makes it look lively.

2.Medical training

in medical training, augmented reality operates MRI equipment to perform complex surgeries. In future an AR headset will be developed to view the human body in an interactive 3D format.


nowadays teachers are upgrading student’s learning with the help of AR. This definitely will give a better understanding about the subject to the student.


the brands associated with entertainment are implementing AR as it is a great marketing opportunity to build stronger bonds between the characters and the audience.


nowadays smartphones are used everywhere to compare prices and look into the information about the product. AR can be used here to view the product that is in the store and even customize it according to their needs

VR Applications


In healthcare VR is used in phobic treatment, surgery simulation, skills training and robotic surgery. VR here is also used in making the doctors and nurses interact with a patient in a 3D environment.


In fashion VR is used as a part of a live fashion show in which a 3D image will be projected into a real world like which catwalk is a part of the show.


In military VR is used for various things like flight simulation, battlefield simulation, medical training, virtual boot camp and also vehicle simulation.


using VR in a construction project makes it easy to test the number of factors without the time and cost of building the structure, reducing the number of errors present in the completed building.


using VR in education enables large groups of students to interact with each other as well as within a three-dimensional environment.


in entertainment VR is used in games, virtual museums, galleries, theatre perfomances, virtual theme park