Computers are more powerful nowadays. It would be impossible for people to lead a life without computers and mobiles. Thus, now computers are made super-intelligent for leading our lives better. Intelligent computers can do all for us but people are always been warned about making computers more intelligent. Artificial Intelligence is a field of computer science that is made to simulate human intelligence. This includes reasoning, adaptability, and thinking. It is probably the most growing industry. Furthermore, many researchers believe that AI could solve a more difficult problems and help in a crisis situation. In the future Artificial Intelligence will be replacing humans in a majority of the works by selling goods, writing books or novels, performing surgeries, etc. AI will become an integral part of our lives will become super intelligent than a human being.

Doctors’ say’s that nearly 86 % of the mistakes can be prevented in the healthcare industry and AI will play a vital role in this. This future of AI in healthcare is the step that will help the future healthcare for the benefit of patients and healthcare professionals alike, while at the small-time make it less costly and more accurate through by the method of AI predictive care. Predictable Analysis empowered with Artificial Intelligence can help understand various factors and that will influence a person’s heath. In the future, we can expect AI-based healthcare system to anticipate when a person is most likely to expose to the diseases and can be cured with preventive medication before it gets worsens. With researchers trying to apply AI-powered applications to help diagnose and treat people. We cannot expect the robots to completely replace the healthcare system even though they can diagnose patients, interact with them and, checking their heath condition. We need Experienced doctors, nurses and, scientists for hospitals. However, AI can make our lives easier and better easier in the field of medicine.

Agriculture has been one most the most traditional method ever to be carried out.AI can assist to overcome the traditional challenges in every field.AI in agriculture is helping farmers to improve their efficiency and reduce environmental impacts.By implementing AI methods in agriculture,the agricultural sector’ s emissions have been reduced by 20 % .AI can be used to detect pesticides in farms which will help farmers.From detecting pests to predicting what crops will deliver the best returns, artificial intelligence can help humanity confront one of its biggest challenges: feeding an additional 2 billion people by 2050. The future of AI in farming is more important for a country like India, where more than 64 % of the general population is still using direct agriculture while close to 75 % still depends on the sectors for their live hood.This can be eradicated by using the application.Robotics agriculture is an anticipated future yet to fully implemented in the next 15 years.Driverless tractors are independent tractors that can perform all the farm practices automatically.This move will help deliberate efforts to protect the growth and sustainability of future generations yet to come.

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According to the reports on the“ Future of Jobs” by the World Economic Forum,AI will create 58 million job opportunities.In fact, the Indian industry has doubled in size in 2019 compared to previous years and almost doubled their artificial intelligence engineers.The growth of Artificial intelligence will be exceptionally huge over the years.Artificial Intelligence Future is coming Now it is time to preparefor the age of AI by investing in education and training.As part of the students, all must do their partfor moving the technology.