Human Enhancement

Human enhancement can be defined as a natural or technological alteration of the human body to enhance their physical and mental capabilities. There are three forms of human enhancement. They are reproductive, physical and mental.The definition of enhancement can also be said as to improve something or make it even more better.

Reproductive enhancement:

This type of enhancement includes embryo selection by preimplantation genetic diagnosis and in-vitro generated gametes.

Physical enhancement:

This type of enhancement include cosmetics for example plastic surgery,drug induced,functional,medical and organ replacements

Mental enhancement:

The mental enhancements are nootropics,neurostimulation and supplements which improves the mental functions.

Human Augmentation:

It is generally referred to technologies which enhances human productivity and capability and it adds to the human body. It focuses on creating physical improvements as an integral part of the human body. Example of human augmentation is by using the active control systems,we can create limb prosthetics which exceeds the highest natural human performance. It is also called as human 2.0. But many forms of human augmentation became so common. Other technologies such as advanced form of sensory augmentation pose ethical questions. It improves the ability of humans to store and recall information.

All there products and services is for artificial strength and endurance. They come up in multiple variations for different tasks to help users in the areas like construction,auto manufacturing and physical therapy. AI is the simulation of Human intelligence which is processed by machines. And the applications of AI are natural language processing,speech recognition and machine vision.

Ethics Issued Raised By Human Enhancement:

Over the last 20-30 years,the evolutionary status of the human species has been brought into rapid progress within the field of biotechnology,nano technology, cognitive science etc., So they made some of the enhancements like brain modifications to increase memory, alterations to biochemistry to increase resilience to the environment. It may also include the alterations for our appearance to make us more attractive. A number of important contributions to this issues have been made from such diverse fields as philosophy, social science etc., The consequences of human enhancement pervade some of the aspects of modern life,creating demands on social system that may bring about their collapse. To conclude these issues,there remain a number of practical and moral obstructions to the widespread use of many human enhancements.It is crucial to establish the general principles that govern the ethical conduct of human enhancement. There is still more to achieve the implications of human enhancement and to obtain a reasonable strategy to be formulated.


So by enhancing some of the human challenges which includes autonomy,authenticity, dignity,justice, fairness and understanding of human nature we use human enhancement. A device is designed to improve the communication skills of the disabled and it could become a highly profitable gadget