Just imagine, your best friend is living on the other side of the world from your country and tomorrow is his birthday. At the last moment, it is not practically possible to travel to foreign, see and wish him in person. But shortly, you can wish him directly without travelling. Yeah!! This could be possible through the concept of the Metaverse. Amazing right? So now let's deep dive into the next development of the Internet to grasp more curious and engrossing facts about it.

What Metaverse is?

In simple terms, it is an online space that allows people to interact in a more immersive way than a traditional website, and this will become possible through Virtual Reality and Augmented reality. It is a collection of distinct Virtual worlds. It is a virtual environment where you have an avatar like a cartoon that represents yourself, and you can walk and interact with other people's avatars. We can experience this by wearing VR headsets and glasses.

In Technical terms :

Metaverse is the collective Virtual shared space created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and a physically persistent Virtual space. The sum of all Virtual Reality, Augmented reality and the internet is Metaverse. At present we are experiencing the internet in two dimensions. But through Metaverse, one can experience the internet in three dimensions by travelling to a Virtual world.

It's part of Education and gaming :

Till now, students in schools and colleges learn all the concepts through data and images which are in 2 Dimensions. But, in the metaverse, one can learn through three dimensions. This will be more fruitful for the students to grasp the concepts quickly and easily. The most fascinating thing is that one can play games as such as in reality. Just imagine how your favourite games will be in the metaverse? Yeah, it looks amazing in the fantasy itself.

Crypto in Metaverse :

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is a collection of binary data files. It requires a digital signature for transactions. It will be the medium of exchange in the Virtual world. To truly become fully immersive worlds with their economies, they need a currency – and that's where cryptocurrency steps in. This crypto can be used in the Metaverse only. Through this, one can buy or sell things of our interest. Real estate business is also possible in Metaverse via cryptocurrencies. Crazy to hear!! Selling and buying lands in the Virtual world..How it is going to be possible. We will just wait and watch.

How will it be? :

Everyone will be able to use this like choosing an app on the mobile. Once wearing this equipment, one will be directed to the Virtual World. A notification will be displayed to your connected friends. So they will also wear those and enter into the metaverse. You can spend your time with your friends in the Virtual World by visiting theatres, malls etc. But some scientists predict that it would be harmful in some aspects where people could fail to distinguish Virtual world from the real world when addicted to it.


We don’t have a particularly clear idea of Meta’s metaverse offerings yet. But the significant motto is that the idea of being able to socialise or meet with others and feel like you’re there with them in person is also appealing – particularly in today’s pandemic age. So we will wait till it is being implemented. I would like to end by saying a quote from Mark Zuckerberg which elucidates what Metaverse is.