Web development is the work involved in developing a website for the internet .It can range from developing a simple single page of plain text to complex web based internet applications ,electronic business and social network services. There are many projects and ideas in web development fields which is been discussed below..


We are faced to have hobby which is been felt bored at times. This application helps one to connect people around the residence who have similar interest and hobbies as ones. One can reach out to them ,get together and work on their hobby. The app will also allow the users to host events and share their experiences. This application also has the very good business potential. But the difficulty level is that one should have a good knowledge about the database management and other backend technologies.


The application can allow one to save certain peace of information into one’s archives for later use .Information like news, chats, and links can be saved. This is been generally used for personal use and not for the business level .As long as one has strong development skills, the application is not that difficult to create.


This is the application that allows one to post one’s dish whenever he/she likes it. A consumer in one’s vicinity could place an order for one’s dish. The application is user friendly to allow the cooks to serve whenever required. This application has a higher difficult level and a great business potential.


The primary mode of the information transfer is through memes. From local news to world news, everything is made a meme out of it. This application allows their users to create their memes and gifs with the help of prebuild blogss. The users can also create their own repository. This is relatively a simple application to create and has a great business potential.


With the help of the simple user interface, one can build a book database with the help of books and their reviews. This is a great project for the book lovers and a great idea for the beginners. Building a simple version of this idea will be easy. Although it doesn’t have a great business potential , it could be a great project for the beginners .


This application comes with the simple user interface that consolidates all the information for the user. For example, personalized news highlights ,whether reports, important tasks on one’s to do list, reminders etc will be provided. The user can also set the time to notify the user perhaps on the metro or on the morning run. This app is easy to create .It doesn’t have much business value,it is extremely easy to build. It is the perfect web app for beginners.


There are a lot of activites that a family does together which includes shoping, cooking to household chores. Almost every member of the family has their own phone. A family app will include a family calender, a list taking app ,a photo gallery and a foroum.Combined these features will help organize the families iving time and energy. A statistical record shows that market to such applications is really high.